Swaggin' Age: Origins

Episode 3

A Test of Patience

A continuation of Episode 2; turns out everything past the ruins was all an illusion!

Wraith Rider was sent to investigate after the other heroes hadn’t been heard from in the past 2 days and wasn’t heard of until the entire gang returned; supposedly, they were all tricked into thinking they captured and subdued The Good Doctor Arcane when in reality they were trapped in a dream dimension he conjured out of the Aztec ruins.

Inside the dream, Wraith Rider claims to have been spending days on routine duty while the Doctor stayed incarcerated, until a parade float filled with cultists tipped him of the state of reality he was in. Marigold claimed that The Doctor was a calm inmate in the HQ Lounge holding cell (there isn’t one where she said there was in reality), but eventually after a long period of meditation, was able to take full control of his reality, changing his own state to that of an illusion and warping things on whims.

The illusion was broken when he was first enraged by BA$TARD NOIZE‘s effects, then dazed by Wraith Rider at close range. In the brief period of returning to reality, Wraith Rider claims to have instinctively whipped The Good Doctor Arcane’s position, injuring him into a waking state, permanently closing the dream realm the team was mentally held within. Afterwards the team subdued him with ease and with the help of Ultrox got back to League HQ to put The Good Doctor Arcane in Cryogenic Statis (maybe) until further notice.



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