Swaggin' Age: Origins

Prison Break

Straight-Up Chaos, Dawg

Harden’s Holding Penitentiary has had their Supers section smashed open (again); freed inmates are rampaging the streets! So the group is sent out to play round-up before too much damage is done to the city.

Probably due to his selfish nature, The Janitor was left patrolling alone while the rest of the team(Marigold & Arino) went as a group.

The Janitor was ambushed in the suburbs by Lightwave, who intended to counter his military tactics by deflecting his shots, but The Janitor’s resourcefulness proved useful, as he used his PDA to pull up a dossier on Lightwave and, learning his light armor requires direct energy to work, Janitor quickly grappled and slammed Lightwave into a manhole. He dove in and made quick work of Lightwave in a single crippling buckshot in the stomach while he was ill-defended and surprised.

Marigold and Arino were patrolling the financial district when a rogue luchadore known as Salchicha Grande made an entrance out of a company office with fat stacks of (presumably) money. A shady character revealed to be a villain calling himself Bloodletter was openly watching the fight as it progressed. Using his illusory powers, Arino used copies of himself to confuse the luchador into attacking the wrong copies, proving very effective against the slow-witted brawler. At some point during the fight, a minivan wedged the spectating Bloodletter between two cars, horribly injuring him. Salchicha Grande was defeated, but the final blow was dealt by a crippled Bloodletter under the guise of tag-teaming into the fight. After sucking health out of the luchadore, Bloodletter used his blood to grapple Arino in attempt to transfuse life further into himself. Unfortunately for Arino, Bloodletter actually paid attention to which illusions weren’t there while he fought with Salchicha Grande.

There’s more to this as time progresses.



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