The Good Doctor Arcane

Grand Arch-Wizard of Tibet, Corrupted Wielder of Aetherial Energy


PROJECTED POWER RANK: ~35 Points (World-Class)

The Good Doctor Arcane is a once-honored Arch-Wizard who lost his heroic will to a love for power and knowledge.

His Eldritch Eye around his neck is a fabled device he uses to warp reality by manipulating what he calls “Aetherial Energy,” a tradition shared among the tightest wizard circles and spiritual ecclesiastics. He often favors using Aether to create dimensional warps that influence the area, as well as conjuration of minions and scenery hazards.

Without the Eye, he’s not powerless, but he’s forced to essentially use “reserves” of power he has left. With the Eye, his resources are only limited in how much he can draw out at once, so never fight on equal terms! Get that Eye off of him ASAP! Although a brilliant mind, he lacks the physical power to take a hit, so always go physical with your attacks.


The last surviving member of his Tibetan Mages’ Circle after a Dimensional Overlord nearly caused utter pandemonium on Earth. On a scholarly side, he’s the first to use magic to confirm existence of alternate parallel universes by essentially teaming up with himself when needed.

The Good Doctor Arcane

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