Nefariously Brilliant Arch-Nemesis to Ultrox


Approx. Power Rank: ~40 pts

Harbinger is a guy in a brain jar robot that is a lot tougher to defeat than you’d think for someone in a brain jar robot.

Oftentimes you’ll think you’re fighting him and you’ll turn out to be fighting a robot with someone else’s brain with a voice designed to sound like Harbinger himself. He’s also very good at secretly being stashed into a realistic human-looking body when he doesn’t want to be seen. Generally, you should leave characters like these to Circle heroes.

Those robots aren’t immune to electricity. Shorting them out is an easy way to get a hit in, but be warned that these robots are incredibly powerful on an individual basis. Some even come with power-nullifying nets and everything. Be on your toes and make sure you don’t fight more than one at a time.


Real Name: Charlie Church (see: Lex Luthor pun)
Former Occupation: Scientist, Roboticist
Current Occupation: Crazy brain-in-a-jar robot mastermind hellbent on destruction
Secret Occupation: Politican running for Congress, identity unknown.

There was a point where Charles Church was just a regular balding mad scientist bent on destroying Ultrox, the symbol of safety for, at the time, Grand Metro and the small surrounding area, but that time’s long gone; after an evil lair implosion where Church DIDN’T get away, he was only able to survive by somehow planting his brain into a series of deathbots dubbed “Harbingers.” Despite having technically achieved a bizarre form of immortality, his wrath towards Ultrox only lead to fuel his insidious plots for destruction. Since then, Harbinger’s upped the ante, working only backstage to his lesser union of supervillains, puppet-mastering many a heist and funding many a death-ray.

Without attachment to a robot, He’s merely a brain in a capsule. He’s able to disguise as an ordinary person thanks to the progress he’s personally made on robotics that imitate life. You can’t tell the difference between him and an ordinary person by eye, but a hard EMP blast should show a more obvious difference. The suits are always foolproofed to EMPs, but they DO show signs of being affected when hit, such as slight lag and fritzing.


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