The Janitor

The One-Man Cleanup for Hire



B: 2, Soak x2, x4 vs. martial arts
A: 2, Def x2
M: 1, MDef x1
Ads: Contacts
Disads: Normal, Social Stigma
Skills: (Athletics:Throwing/Running) (Military:Tactics)
(1)ARMED TO THE TEETH: you came with everything you needed
Enh: sustained // Lim: narrow (firearms/defense melee), gadgets
(2)THE BIG ONE: a rocket launcher for emergencies
Enh: Area3, Recharge* // Lim: Single Use(3DM), Immobile, Gadget, Indisciminate
(2)OFFHAND SHOOTING: can shoot each gun with a -2 roll penalty to hit per turn
(3)WEAPON TECHNIQUE (Firearms): 2DM bonus to hit with any firearm weaponry
(4)EMERGENCY MARTIAL ARTS (Disarm/Mart.Arts2: Fast+Tough+Tricky)
(1)DOUBLE-TAPS: you can fire a gun twice in a round by not moving
(2)SWIFT STRIKE: every melee attack can be done twice with a -1 Dice penalty per hit
(2)ATTACK WEAK POINT: when an aiming roll succeeds by 20+, DMG is doubled


A mad gun for hire; a hardened, skilled mercenary in every aspect. Just don’t ask him to babysit.

Captain, if you ever feel so inclined to write a backstory, you can (probably) write one here, or just bullshit one with me. I’ll add important events to this to further build upon it anyway, like an old contact you meet or behaviors you tend to exhibit.

The Janitor

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