Phantom Limb

A "Criminal" On the Lam


POWER RANK: EST. ~30 (Street Level)

Former retail clerk Beau Daniels, aka the Phantom Limb, has protective reactionary psionic arms that he’s honed to use in battle. His klepto tendencies haven’t earned him good marks with the League; not that it’s always completely intentional, with his ghost arms stealing things he wants without much thought to the act.

In combat, his ghostly Limbs have proven numerous times to be insanely defensive. He’ll catch bullets, reflexively slug attackers with mach-speed punches, and knock things out of people’s grips in the blink of an eye, all without taking much effort of his own to do so. With effort, he’s very surface-maneuverable and is able to wildly pitch objects near him as projectile attacks. His signature Force-Fist Barrage, a dervish of psionic punches to the target’s body, is the rough equivalent of getting rammed by the force of 2 trains per 3 punches, barraging at hundreds of punches during his brief assault; even superpowered fighters have trouble withstanding this specific attack of his.

The Limbs have their limits, however; they can only appear two at a time (left and right) and, while trying to minimize damage at all times, can’t cover all of him at once. Flanking isn’t the most helpful with him, but spraying attacks will usually work better to get at least some damage into him. The projective nature of his fists also lends an idea that energy suppression may do well to slow them down.


Real Name: Beau Daniels
(Former) Occupation: retail clerk
Prison sentence: 3 years
Time spent incarcerated: 2 days

Beau Daniels always felt he had some guardian angel preventing him from harm, helping him achieve things he wanted and avoiding obstacles in his path. He always figured it was luck until he learned that having crazy translucent energy arms shoot out of your body at random, visceral intervals isn’t a normal thing that everybody deals with.

He’s a smart, strong-willed individual who’s picked up all kinds of crooked skills learning in the streets. Lacking the seriousness needed to succeed, he borderline-passed high school and barely managed to get a job as a cashier in an electronics retail store his uncle owns. That ended when a lot more than the usual margin of goods was turning up stolen.

Despite his Arms’ natural instinct to protect him, they also serve him in ways he sometimes can’t help. If the Arms are able to get a hold of something that he wants nearby, they’ll more than likely swipe the item up and hide it on his person without any second thoughts.

Thanks to his Arms’ klepto tendencies, he’s had to learn to be good at hiding things he might’ve accidentally stolen to avoid trouble, but the trouble eventually caught up to him.

He was taken to court by his own uncle after having stolen a top-of-the-line television, and sentenced to a few years in prison. Through stupid chance, though, he was lucky enough to be stuck in holding the same day a major supervillain plotted a jailbreak for a few of his friends, and Beau got off scot-free.

Unfortunately, the TV reporters grouped him with the villains as a major criminal on the run, and Daniels was never able to go back to his old life of trying to hide his mixed blessing; now he’s an easily-recognizable menace to society. Despite doing all the good he can with his arms, even the League can’t get him much help legally, and anybody he works with busting heads makes sure to keep him under wraps from the authority fallout that always proceeds.

Often, he’ll find the idea of wearing a costume unnecessary since everyone knows who he is already.

Phantom Limb

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