Grand Metro's Superman


As far as you lowly street heroes are concerned, you’re reading on your boss, an alien Super-man from a distant planet who’s also chief of police and leader of the League’s Circle of Champions.

His powers include Super-Strength, Super-Speed, heat vision, Super-Senses, nigh-invulnerability, flight, etc., and physically, he’s built like steel. Not the brightest guy though.

He probably also has a bunch of minor powers you might’ve heard about one or two times.


Real name: Bruce Radd on Earth, home planet name unknown

Born in an undisclosed and alien world, Ultrox became one of the last of his race when his parents shot him off in a rocket to the cold depths of space in hopes he wouldn’t crash and die. On Earth, he was raised simplistically, with a police chief father and housewife mother. His powers developed at an early age and over the course of a couple serials and one or two “edgy youth-inspired renovations,” we have what he is today, the douchebaggy and audacious yet good-hearted bastard known as Ultrox. He’s one of Earth’s Mightiest, and the grand overseer of North America’s safety, whose headquarters are stationed conveniently in Grand Metro Central. Not that he’s ever there to answer the door or anything. There’s lower heroes to be doormaids.

Personality-wise, he’s a bit of a jerk. He knows he can pummel most people into the ground with two fingers, and uses this strength to harass and beat on anyone who dares call themselves a “villain” in his presence. In short, he’s a sadistic bully, but only towards villainous people. Nobody really complains though, because he’s pretty good at saving everyone who isn’t wearing black spiked cloaks. He stomps around loudly, threatens people in third person, and loves hearing people chant for him.

He sports trendy aviators and a sweet mustache that have made him an easily-recognized on Earth. The aviators used to protect his identity to some degree, but his nemesis, Harbinger, has long since managed to make his identity as Grand Metro chief of police public, and that wasn’t by knocking his shades off either.


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