Wraith Rider

Hellfire's Vengeance in Cyborg Biker Format


Brawn 3
Agility 2
Mind 2

Weakness: Devastating to Electricity (-2DM)

Ads: Super Vehicle (Hell chopper), Frightening Presence, Unliving
Dis: Freak, Social Stigma

(Pilot:Pursuit/Control) (Occult:Demonologyx2)


  • Fiery Chains of Wrath: Multi-power 4pts
    Immobilization 4 (Close Range, Brawn 30), (Limitation: Easily Taken Gadget)
    Special Attack 2 (x5 Dmg) LINKED with Stretching 2 (Limitation: Easily Taken Gadget)
  • Sense Evil 1pt
  • Spectral Physiology: Ghost Form 1 (Enhancement: Second Nature) 2pts
  • Fire Mastery 2pts
  • Immunity (Fire) 2pts
  • LOOK INTO MY EYES: Daze 4 (Medium(20ft) Burst) 4pts

Wraith Rider

Swaggin' Age: Origins Sheller