Swaggin' Age: Origins

Prison Break
Straight-Up Chaos, Dawg

Harden’s Holding Penitentiary has had their Supers section smashed open (again); freed inmates are rampaging the streets! So the group is sent out to play round-up before too much damage is done to the city.

Probably due to his selfish nature, The Janitor was left patrolling alone while the rest of the team(Marigold & Arino) went as a group.

The Janitor was ambushed in the suburbs by Lightwave, who intended to counter his military tactics by deflecting his shots, but The Janitor’s resourcefulness proved useful, as he used his PDA to pull up a dossier on Lightwave and, learning his light armor requires direct energy to work, Janitor quickly grappled and slammed Lightwave into a manhole. He dove in and made quick work of Lightwave in a single crippling buckshot in the stomach while he was ill-defended and surprised.

Marigold and Arino were patrolling the financial district when a rogue luchadore known as Salchicha Grande made an entrance out of a company office with fat stacks of (presumably) money. A shady character revealed to be a villain calling himself Bloodletter was openly watching the fight as it progressed. Using his illusory powers, Arino used copies of himself to confuse the luchador into attacking the wrong copies, proving very effective against the slow-witted brawler. At some point during the fight, a minivan wedged the spectating Bloodletter between two cars, horribly injuring him. Salchicha Grande was defeated, but the final blow was dealt by a crippled Bloodletter under the guise of tag-teaming into the fight. After sucking health out of the luchadore, Bloodletter used his blood to grapple Arino in attempt to transfuse life further into himself. Unfortunately for Arino, Bloodletter actually paid attention to which illusions weren’t there while he fought with Salchicha Grande.

There’s more to this as time progresses.

Episode 3
A Test of Patience

A continuation of Episode 2; turns out everything past the ruins was all an illusion!

Wraith Rider was sent to investigate after the other heroes hadn’t been heard from in the past 2 days and wasn’t heard of until the entire gang returned; supposedly, they were all tricked into thinking they captured and subdued The Good Doctor Arcane when in reality they were trapped in a dream dimension he conjured out of the Aztec ruins.

Inside the dream, Wraith Rider claims to have been spending days on routine duty while the Doctor stayed incarcerated, until a parade float filled with cultists tipped him of the state of reality he was in. Marigold claimed that The Doctor was a calm inmate in the HQ Lounge holding cell (there isn’t one where she said there was in reality), but eventually after a long period of meditation, was able to take full control of his reality, changing his own state to that of an illusion and warping things on whims.

The illusion was broken when he was first enraged by BA$TARD NOIZE‘s effects, then dazed by Wraith Rider at close range. In the brief period of returning to reality, Wraith Rider claims to have instinctively whipped The Good Doctor Arcane’s position, injuring him into a waking state, permanently closing the dream realm the team was mentally held within. Afterwards the team subdued him with ease and with the help of Ultrox got back to League HQ to put The Good Doctor Arcane in Cryogenic Statis (maybe) until further notice.

Episode 2
Aztec Ruins, Ninjas, and Portal Wizards

Today, our heroes were sent to the Mexican City Ruins of Maglatetliano to discover why exactly The Good Doctor Arcane was jacking up other ruins in the area. Prof. Harper Cartwright was sent to help the team investigate by being the subject expert on ancient society in the area.

Shortly after arriving by helicopter, Chalky, BA$TARD NOIZE, Marigold, and The Janitor were ambushed by a second helicopter carrying ninjas, unbeknownst to their assailants, Kikkoman was brought as extra cargo. Kikkoman wasn’t asked about his methods for intrusion and was welcomed to help the expedition while he was there.

After short work of the ninja squad, the team investigated the Aztec ruins. Cartwright expressed profound nervousness over how every room seemed to have different languages, scriptures, and pictorals on their walls, until eventually it was learned that The Eldritch Eye was being used uninhibited to warp the ruins into a twisting dimensional parallel of itself, presumably meant to trap any heroes who came to investigate the only ruins untouched by The Doctor.

Both The Janitor and Kikkoman can confirm that they defeated extradimensional fire demons at some point in the ruins, while Marigold can confirm their appearance in the room itself.

Cartwright’s report reads that he’s certain he spent some time within the pocket dimension of The Doctor’s own mind, watching Kikkoman battle a shapeshifting old man and gladiator pit lions for the Doctor’s entertainment. Once weakened, Arcane’s mental world collapsed in itself and the team found themselves waking into regular, unwarped Aztec ruins, generally in the same location they were when they touched The Eldritch Eye to enter the mental dimension of Doctor Arcane.

Once waking, Marigold was quick enough to subdue The Doctor before he could escape the ruins, Eye-less no less.

Kind of amazing considering a world-class fiend such as The Doctor could fall to a group of tenacious kids!

Episode 1
hey everyone's a superhero now

Our heroes learned how to fight in the VR Room for 30 minutes then went out and fucked shit up? They need help.

Heroes today were Chalky, BA$TARD NOIZE, Marigold, and The Janitor.

There was routine patrol, where The Janitor stopped a convenience store robbery, Marigold got a cat out of a tree, and a bank heist involving Blast-Master and The Rattler was foiled as well.

Next routines will be taken with more scrutiny to details. They’re showing promise though!!


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